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Meet the Team

Meet the owners behind Costa's Goldens. We are a small in-home family breeder that strive to make happy, healthy family dogs! We are passionate about our goldens and want to share the love with others.

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About Us

Hi we are Ella and Brittany the faces behind Costa's Goldens! We are a mother and daughter duo that have a passion for sharing our love of goldens since 2017. I (Ella) am a student at the University of Central Florida in Orlando and my mom lives in Jacksonville, FL where Costa's Goldens is located. We both have always had Goldens growing up and will never live a day without one. We found the love of breeding in 2017 when our family dog Bailey had puppies. We kept Costa Blu (now our main stud) from this litter and that's how Costa's Goldens started. Our dogs are truly family members and get the love and care they all deserve!

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