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Our Guardian Program

Here at Costa's goldens we believe in a no kennel policy. Since we are an up and coming business, we rely heavily on guardians to further our breeding program. A guardian family is a forever family for our dogs, while ownership is under Costa's Goldens until the dogs breeding time is over. Ownership of the guardian dog remains with us for up to 5 years, then we will transfer ownership of the dog to the guardian after a successful spay at our expense. 

Our Obligations: We will visit with the guardian dog at least 4 times a year to maintain a relationship with her and see that she is in good health. Costa's Goldens will pay for all veterinary expenses related to pregnancy. We will take the guardian dog for up to a week when she is in heat to breed with a male of our choice and then will be returned to the guardian home. We will then take the pregnant guardian dog to get X-rays around Day 50 of her pregnancy. We will take the guardian dog a few days before she is ready to deliver and keep her for 5-7 weeks depending on when puppies are weaned. Guardian families may visit her at our home during this time. We also will watch our guardian dogs for free of charge when you are out of town.

Guardian Family Obligations: Guardians will provide LOVE and healthy living conditions for the dog. They will provide adequate food and exercise for the dog on a daily basis. They will provide basic obedience training for the dog, either classes or at home. They will provide vet care as needed, including regular vaccinations and rabies vaccines at their own expense. They will administer and pay for monthly flea, tick and heartworm medication. Guardian family's will consult with Costa's Goldens at the first sign of illness or injury and the Guardian will pay for any vet visits due to illness or injury while in the Guardians care. The Guardian must tell us at the first sign of the Guardian dog's heat to follow her heat cycles. Guardians must keep her away from all in-tact male dogs while in heat to prevent accidental breeding. A guardian must keep a residence within 2-3 hours of Jacksonville, Florida. The guardian must inform us of any change of address or phone number to maintain an accurate and current listing. If the Guardian family can no longer take care of the Guardian Dog, Costa's Goldens will immediately take the dog back.

Contact us if you are interested in being a Guardian Family.

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